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APRIL 12-14, 2021

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We are delighted to invite you to Italy for POLY-CHAR 2020 [Venice]!

The aim of this conference is to bring together on one platform researchers  of any age, experience and background involved in the field of polymer science.

POLY-CHAR has always put a special emphasis on international collaboration, on the promotion of young scientists and on fostering a collegial research environment. The forum has the tradition of empowering young scientists, motivating them towards a future in polymer science. The 2020 POLY-CHAR will focus on the theme ‘Careers in Polymers’. Our main aim is promoting international collaborations and inspire a new generation of polymer scientists, able to catch the challenges of modern multidisciplinary science and technology. For this purpose, contributions from young scientists will be particularly appreciated, and awards will be given to acknowledge outstanding young talents.

The idea behind the conference is to provide an opportunity to bring together scientists and technologists from different areas of polymer science, in order to stimulate crossfertilisation in areas such as tissue engineering, food technology and packaging, drug delivery, energy generation and management, bioremediation, new materials, cultural heritage preservation, forensic science etc.

Due to the uncertainty related to the COVID pandemic, we decided to arrange Poly-Char in a stepwise manner. The meeting will take place virtually on a streaming platform. The dates will be April 12-14, 2021. Attendees will be able, in this context, to showcase their work, and a first contact will be established between participants. We are sure everybody will find interesting and inspiring topics.

This will not conclude the event though. We still want to bring people together, to discuss in front of a coffee, to share ideas and experiences, to foster new friendships and collaborations. Therefore, as soon as travelling and gathering will be possible, we will propose to all registered participants the opportunity to get together: the social program originally devised will be organised and condensed in 2 or 3 days. So we still want to see you in Venice, when it will be safe and possible!

We look forward to welcoming you in the POLY-CHAR family, for a fruitful conference and for a memorable experience.

The POLY-CHAR 2020 [Venice] Organizing Committee

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