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Topics of interest

The idea behind the conference is to provide an opportunity to bring together scientists and technologists from different areas of polymer science, in order to stimulate cross-fertilisation

  • Polymer Synthesis;
  • Polymer Characterization;
  • Polymer Physics, Theory and Simulations;
  • Biopolymers, Biomedical Materials and Biotechnology;
  • Elastomers and Amorphous Materials;
  • Nanomaterials and Smart Materials;
  • Polymers and the Environment: Recycling and Land Remediation;
  • Economics of Polymeric Materials;
  • Biopolymers in Nutrition and Health;
  • Mechanics of polymers;
  • Indentation in polymers;
  • Polymers in Forensic Science;
  • Polymers in Cultural Heritage Preservation;
  • Adhesives and Coatings.