Coronavirus-related information

Dear colleague, this is not an easy time for anybody. The global COVID-19 pandemic made almost impossible travelling, meeting friends and colleagues, and attending conferences. As organisers of Poly-Char, back in May 2019, we were enthusiastic and eager to propose a conference with an attractive mix of scientific quality, of cooperation opportunities and of social events. Our philosophy has always been that a conference is much more than a collection of talks and posters. The real benefit of attending a congress is the chance of interacting with colleagues coming from all over the world, to exchange ideas, to explore new areas of knowledge. All this still requires a personal communication, impossible to establish through virtual platforms. At present, it is not possible to know when we will be able to return back to normal scientific meetings, and the risk is a continuous postponement of the dates, an obvious inconvenience for both attendees and organisers. So we decided to arrange Poly-Char in a stepwise manner. The meeting will take place virtually on a streaming platform. The dates will be April 12-14, 2021. Attendees will be able, in this context, to showcase their work, and a first contact will be established between participants. This will not conclude the event though. We still want to bring people together, to discuss in front of a coffee, to share ideas and experiences, to foster new friendships and collaborations. Therefore, as soon as travelling and gathering will be possible, we will propose to all registered participants the opportunity to get together: the social program originally devised will be organised and condensed in 2 or 3 days. So we still want to see you in Venice, when it will be safe and possible! The fees will reflect this stepwise structure: the cost for the registration to the virtual part of the conference will be as low as possible to cover expenses related to the platform, whereas an additional fee will be set for the integrative social program, when it will be possible to securely plan it.        If you have any questions, please contact us at the email addresses and We remain at your disposal and we thank you for the many empathic messages that most of you sent us.   Let’s hope that after all this is over, life will return to be normal and we will finally meet and hug again. I wish the best to all of you On behalf of the organisation committee of Poly-Char 2020 [Venice] Valerio Causin