Coronavirus-related information

Dear colleague, needless to say, these days, coronavirus is the main concern for many people in many Countries. Most authorities are seriously dealing with this issue, and particularly in Italy we are severely responding with very strict regulations to avoid contamination and further spreading of the virus. Right now, travel in the whole National territory is limited until April 3rd. Simultaneously, several outbreaks in other parts of Europe will likely make traveling around the continent quite difficult in the next few weeks. The organizing committee is closely monitoring the developments of the situation, and still we are confident that by May this emergency will be over. However, we understand that many institutions decided travel bans for their employees and that traveling decisions can’t be taken in these fluid circumstances. Therefore, let’s all of us take some time to see how the situation unfolds. Registration will be open and reduced fees will be available until April 15th. Many of you asked about the reimbursement policy, should the event be cancelled. Obviously, 100% of the fee will be refunded in such a case. We will update you as soon as decisions will be taken on the outcome of the limitations ending on April 3rd. In the meantime, all the committee members wish to express gratitude for all the messages of sympathy and solidarity that many of you sent us, in these difficult times Best regards The conference chair Valerio Causin